Elevator Pitch


Freelance copywriter with over two decades of adding value on all levels of the creative ladder in collaborating, researching, analyzing, brainstorming, strategizing, developing, implementing, storytelling, testing, polishing, publishing, and converting.

Copy Points

  • Full-service, no-drama, editing & copywriting.
  • Headlines, taglines, ideas, & syntax support.
  • Websites, printed marketing, digital & social.
  • Agency, startup, and contract job experience.
  • Spelling, grammar, voice, rhythm & naming.
  • Landing pages, newsletters & biz writing.
  • Respect for brand standards & guidelines.
  • Current on 2021 copy trends & practices.
  • Lifetime avg. 33% open rate & 19% click-thru.
  • More proficient than 93% of Grammarly users.
  • Zoom ready, willing, able, and always on time.

Skillset Attributes

  • Creative Restoring
  • Headline Rejuvenating
  • Message Rehabilitating
  • Corporate Repositioning
  • Platform Revitalizing
  • Brand Resuscitating
  • CMS Renovating


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from California State University, Sacramento.


Copywriting Experience

Founding Copywriter: 2017-

copybycurt.com, Los Angeles, CA

Experienced copywriter provides clients and customers the dedication, respect, transparency, and quality writing they’ve come to expect when hiring a professional who values the opportunity.

  • Ownership of all copywriting assets through print, UX/UI, direction & content analytics.
  • Landing pages, entire websites, display advertising, print brochures & direct mail.
  • Tweets, blog and Facebook posts, product descriptions, marketing & promotional text.
  • SEO writing that attributes for keyword density, visibility, tone, style & readability.
  • Research voice, competitive keywords, content landscape & customer behaviors.
  • Choreograph, strategize, and craft compelling headlines, taglines & campaigns.
  • Supervise CMS across multiple platforms, including StoryBlok, Trello & Wix.
  • Listen, organize, anticipate, deliver, grow, and Zoom-in prepared & put together.
  • Experienced in incorporating client feedback into concepts they can sign off on.

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief/Copywriter: 1996-2019

CMYK Magazine, SF, NY, LA

Founded, managed, edited, and creative directed a globally recognized design magazine for two successful decades setting trends and examples across printed and online publishing mediums.

  • Helped define an allied voice for the next generation of emerging artists & designers.
  • Launched an international design magazine that soared as the creative bible for students.
  • Steeped in the analysis and implementation of SEO tactics to increase search rankings.
  • Saved company tens of thousands each year by assuming all copywriting opportunities.
  • Leader through 55 four-color issues, eight websites, an online art gallery & an app.
  • Supervised all client and customer-facing correspondence, branding & promotion.
  • Maintained a formidable 93% retention rate among marketing & advertising partners.
  • Organically skyrocketed online fanbase from 1,500 to 45,000 in 18 months.
  • Consistently maintained a 53% open rate among newsletter customers.

Head Copywriter: 1994-1996

V&A Marketing & Advertising, Redwood City, CA

Team copywriter at a top Silicon Valley video-game marketing company writing lines like “Heavily Armed Octoheads,” “Are You Indy Enough?” and “Strap On Your Bunny Ears and Save The World.”

  • Defined the video-game voice for Wonder Dog, Indiana Jones & PAC-MAN.
  • Produced manuals for Duke Nukem, Sonic, Doom, Quake, Paper Boy & Wolfchild.
  • Authored product catalogs for industry giants Sega, Sony, Nintendo, JVC & Atari.
  • Daily immersion in writing video scripts, media kits, sales sheets & advertising.
  • Developed skills in a deadline-strict “Good Ads In About An Hour” environment.
  • Learned the value of showing up, camaraderie, purpose, respect & good work.
  • Earned ownership by accepting every assignment as an opportunity to shine.

Junior Copywriter: 1992-1994

Gaylord Marketing & Advertising, Sacramento, CA

Traded unloading 40-foot trailers at UPS for the opportunity to write for a boutique advertising agency despite Crayoning my copywriting portfolio the night before winning the job.

  • Mentored by CCO to write with confidence, authority, humility, and respect.
  • Started Day 1 on print campaigns, direct mail, signage, TV & radio scripts.
  • Practiced originating solid ideas while learning to make friends with red ink.
  • Consistently maintained content standards, brand focus & professionalism.
  • Teamed with design and marketing to meet all deadlines across all mediums.
  • Work for Western Precooling and Sutter Hospital winners of the Addy Awards.