Good day, and I appreciate your consideration.

Please find below a summary highlighting the key points in my cover letter:

  1. Philosophy in Writing:

    • Views time as valuable and words as the currency of communication, emphasizing the importance of making the reading experience worthwhile.
  2. Individual in Collective Marketing:

    • Acknowledges the solitary nature of copywriting but emphasizes a career built on education, dedication, collaboration, and life experiences in branding and creativity.
  3. Listening and Connecting:

    • Highlights the significance of listening, learning, and partnering in crafting compelling marketing messages that resonate in shared conversations.
  4. Role as Senior Copywriter:

    • Describes the role as being prepared, collaborative, and deadline-oriented, approaching each project with ownership and dedication.
  5. Robust Portfolio:

    • Lists notable clients and showcases experience in writing advertising copy and marketing messaging for a diverse range of industries, including well-known brands like Sega, Disney, Dunkin’, Dollar Tree, Alamo Drafthouse, and Zillow.
  6. Strategy and Approach:

    • Specializes in research, fortitude, strategy, and personality, approaching assignments with immediacy and momentum to align with client objectives and focus on customer outcomes.
  7. Versatility in Content Creation:

    • Demonstrates expertise in various content types, from billboards to social media posts, and involvement in brand audits, research syntheses, and presentations.
  8. Diverse Industry Experience:

    • Boasts a substantial track record spanning diverse industries, showcasing the ability to shape voices in areas such as real estate, healthcare, gaming, and entrepreneurship.
  9. AI-Assisted Feel:

    • Brings a value proposition with AI-assisted precision and the creativity and nuance of human-powered content creation.
  10. Gratitude and Professionalism:

    • Ends with a courteous and professional tone, expressing gratitude for time and signing off with a respectful closing.

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