Good day, and thank you for the opportunity to be your copywriter.

Before we get into the personal pronouns, note that while copywriting is a solo performance, the act itself, when done successfully, is a collaborative process that balances self-awareness and selflessness in unison to best serve the client. With that said, here’s me:

As a writer by trade and purpose, give me a keyboard, and I can spitball concepts, brainstorm on headlines and taglines, and elevate your marketing manifesto with the confidence of a clairvoyant. I’ve worked in strategy, analysis, and deployment of SEO copywriting across websites, applications, print, social media, public relations, and customer service. Through each level on the creative ladder, I lead by example and focus with a meticulous eye for detail on the quality writing my clients expect.

My job is to add value; absorb, and draw from my experiences in developing and enhancing brand storytelling within editorials, emails, advertising, social postings, creative briefs, brand guidelines, and corporate writing. My core skills lie in concept direction and presenting polished copy, and seeing all projects to completion in a fast-paced, deadline-driven operation. My passion is no-drama, typo-free, grammar-respecting, high-level copywriting to the voice of choice.

I’m always up for starting my next assignment. I never turn down a chance to work for a virtuous company that treats its team members fairly while encouraging and recognizing hard work and readable excellence. I have attached my resume for your review, and thank you for your time.

Curtis Clarkson

Contact me: