CSAA Insurance Group

CSAA IG is forever forward – “​​​​At CSAA IG, one thing will always endure: our commitment to excellence in everything we do for our members, employees and communities. As insurance industry leaders, we know things can change in an instant. It’s why we’re here.” This Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was research-driven with leadership and employee interviews and desk research in an effort to discover the unique values and benefits of what CSAA IG offers to its employees in return for their work. The EVP is the strategy line created from internal research and the Employer Brand is the external expression to attract and recruit future talent. The EVP and the Employer Brand are both connected as they have the ability to energize your employees with a sense of pride for the company they work for – and the employer brand expression is able to recruit your work force talent.

The four paths process

CSAA 4 Paths

EVP themeline development

CSAA EVP Diagram

CSAA EVP T-shirt

Creative expression

Successfully attracting quick-thinking, hard-working, and inclusive-minded associates that surprise us daily requires our communication to model our culture. From our Employee Value Proposition to our Messaging Architecture to our creative expression - the language, tone, and aesthetic we convey should reflect our personality.

CSAA FF Adcept #2

CSAA FF Adcept #3

CSAA FF Adcept #4

Credits: This project reflects the collective contributions of a diverse team in various roles. To respect privacy, individual names have been omitted.