Dollar Tree, Inc.

Dollar Tree, Inc. embarked on a mission to attract outstanding candidates for their extensive network of 16,000 Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores across the United States and Canada. Through a comprehensive series of roundtable interviews involving team members and leadership, we carefully crafted an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that distinctly emphasizes the unique contributions of each team member. This refined themeline not only encapsulates the core values of the organization but also highlights pathways for personal growth. Grounded in Dollar Tree, Inc.'s 70-year history, which traces back to a modest single store in 1953, it embodies the company’s enduring commitment to recognizing the value of every individual for the collective success of the business.

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4 Paths: Mission & Audience


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Creative Expression

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Copywriters: Curtis Clarkson, Bruce Carey

Creative Director: Bruce Carey

Sr. Content Strategist: Kayla Nelson

Director, Strategy & Research: Maria Slabaugh