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For Loma Linda University Health, we developed a comprehensive employer brand and recruitment campaign centered on the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) - “Inspired by Faith. Empowered by Purpose.” This initiative involved on-campus billboards, career site enhancements, and print and social media campaigns to attract diverse candidates for the hospital and education divisions. Despite its strong reputation and Christian values, LLUH faced the challenge of creating a cohesive employer brand that resonated with a diverse candidate pool across all faiths. Through extensive research and the “Four Paths Process,” we crafted an EVP that reflects Loma Linda’s dedication to faith, service, and community while embracing diversity. Our targeted messaging and media campaigns highlighted LLUH’s commitment to inclusivity and whole-person care, ultimately strengthening their employer brand. This effort attracted passionate and faithful individuals aligned with LLUH’s mission and values, enhancing their organizational culture.


LLUH Billboard EVP

Print Campaign

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EVP Paths: Audience & Mission

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LLUH Billboard

LLUH Homepage

Credits: This project reflects the collective contributions of a diverse team in various roles. To respect privacy, individual names have been omitted.