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Nuvance Health takes pride in its service to the communities of New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut, offering exceptional healthcare through strategically located hospitals, medical practices, and care centers. The commitment to excellence is palpable in their high-quality care, blending major medical center standards with the personalized touch of a community health system.

In need of recruitment marketing, Nuvance Health sought to attract skilled professionals to entice nurses, doctors, and technicians to join their hospitals and contributing to a vibrant and dynamic healthcare community. Valuable insights were gathered from roundtable interviews with diverse perspectives, including Nurses Physicians, Service and Tech, and Corporate. Culminating with interviews with executive leadership, the realization of these efforts has resulted in a collection of innovative ideas presented to Nuvance Health, reflecting a collaborative and strategic approach to further enhance the healthcare experience.

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Credits: This project reflects the collective contributions of a diverse team in various roles. To respect privacy, individual names have been omitted.